John and Julie King I always knew of Jesus but I never really knew Him. The path to knowing Him started to open up about three years ago when there was a huge challenge in my life. God offered to help me face the challenge but I said “no.” I knew that He wanted to help and was just waiting, but thought I could handle it by myself. Even though I saw His outstretched hand I refused it. About a year later, I reached the end of my rope and realized that I would not make it in this world without God so I humbly allowed Him to take my hand. Things have been very different since then. Why did I not turn to Him sooner? Oh how I wish I had. A lot of pain and heartache could have been avoided.
Julie with husband, John. When I started to walk with God, I decided that I had to do something different with my life. Even though I really enjoyed my job it was not enough. I wanted to give freely of my time. I started to search for volunteer opportunities. I got information on all sorts of volunteer activities but none of them were right. However, I continued searching
  One day at church there was a notice in the bulletin –“Two married couples without children needed to teach English in Japan.” Well, I thought, English is not my favorite subject but perhaps this is it. The pastor said that he had thought of my husband and me and told me who to contact. The Director of the Language Schools in Japan did a couple of telephone interviews with my husband and me and told us to get the paperwork from the General Conference. He said the main hold up would be the visa. So we all prayed in earnest about it and within a month we had our visas. Two weeks later we were in Japan.
  It has been 16 1/2 months since we came to Japan and I now know Jesus as my Friend and Saviour. The experience in Japan has brought me to a deeper understanding of the Bible and the role of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in my life. My marriage has been blessed and my walk with Jesus has been awesome. The only regret I have is that I did not take the Path sooner, but I do not dwell on that. I have a peace and joy now that no one can take away and I want to share that with as many people as possible.
  When God calls you to serve Him, He calls you for a special blessing. I came to Japan to teach others about the love of God and in the process I have found it. This has been a greater blessing to me than to anyone else. Before, life never had any meaning for me and there was no point in it. Now it does and there is. Thank you Lord for the new Life You have given me. Thank You for loving me.

Julie Goodman-King

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