Autumn, the time of year when the leaves die and fall to the ground. Flowers start to fade, soon to disappear. Birds fly south for the winter and people prepare for the long, cold months ahead. But God, in His mercy and love, has filled even this time of year with beauty and hope. Beauty - in the vibrant colors of the leaves. Hope - in the promise of the spring to come, when the grass and leaves will become lush and green again. Birds will once again serenade us with songs written by our Creator and flowers will fill the yards and meadows with color and sweet fragrances.


Even in death, a time of pain and sorrow for those left behind, God gives us hope, peace and joy. They sleep - void of pain or sorrow - waiting for the spring when our Savior will awaken them to dwell with Him on the new earth. Where every day will be as a fresh spring day such as we have never seen before.
When man cooperates with heaven, beautiful music is brought forth from unlikely objects. Who would think that hymns of praise could be heard from a handsaw or drinking glasses? Wood, strings, ivory and metals are of no musical value until they are molded into instruments. Then, combined with voices, they direct our hearts and thoughts to our God and Creator.
We should be ever thankful that we serve a God who has filled our lives with such evidences of His love. Let our voices praise Him. Our hearts love Him. Our lives bring glory and honor to Him.

The God that can make beautiful music out of ordinary materials, that puts beauty and hope in death, is the same God that can blossom us into beautiful flowers, spreading the fragrance of His love to those who have yet to know Him.

By: Donna Dix, Adventist Volunteer Center

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