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Vernon B Parmenter
Donna Dix
Production Manager/Layout & Design
Jan Erntson
Administrative Secretary
Rebecca Campos
Volunteer Coordinator
J John Wycliffe
Office Assistant
Esther Finney
Office Assistant
Division Coordinators
Charles Montille
Africa-Indian Ocean Division/AID
Moses Noeku Msimanga
Eastern Africa Division/EAD
Carlos Puyol
Euro-Africa Division/EUD
Marlene DeCoito
Euro-Asia Division/ESD
Faye Reid
Inter-American Division/IAD
Jose Rojas
North American Division/NAD
Stanley Ng
Northern Asia-Pacific Division/NSD
Jose Silva
South American Division/SAD
Mel Lemke
South Pacific Division/SPD
J D Papu
Southern Africa Union Confernce/SAU
Dorothy Watts
Southern Asia Division/SUD
Gary Rustad
Southern Asia-Pacific Division/SSD
Paul Tompkins
Trans-European Division/TED
3 Postcard
4 Editorial
5 Thoughts From the Field
6 Featured Division
17 A Mother's Perspective
20 Division Highlights
22 Volunteer Opportunities
8 Volunteering on the Edge

What is a volunteer? Volunteers are heroes. Give a
year of your life, it will change you forever

10 Pinnacle of Terror
An adventure-based ministry established by
Seventh-day Adventist volunteers is changing lives in Tasmania, Australia
14 Volunteers in Action
"Volunteering is like a relationship--the more you give, the more you get."
18 Sabbath in Samoa
Come join us for a Sabbath in Samoa. There's plenty of food for one more!
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Vol 4 No 1 - 1st Quarter
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