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Vernon B Parmenter
Donna Rodill
Production Manager/Layout & Design
Jan Erntson
Administrative Secretary
Rebecca Campos
Volunteer Coordinator
J John Wycliffe
Office Assistant
Esther Finney
Office Assistant
Division Coordinators
Charles Montille
Africa-Indian Ocean Division/AID
Moses Noeku Msimanga
Eastern Africa Division/EAD
Carlos Puyol
Euro-Africa Division/EUD
Marlene DeCoito
Euro-Asia Division/ESD
Faye Reid
Inter-American Division/IAD
Jose Rojas
North American Division/NAD
Stanley Ng
Northern Asia-Pacific Division/NSD
Jose Silva
South American Division/SAD
Mel Lemke
South Pacific Division/SPD
J D Papu
Southern Africa Union Confernce/SAU
Dorothy Watts
Southern Asia Division/SUD
Gary Rustad
Southern Asia-Pacific Division/SSD
Paul Tompkins
Trans-European Division/TED
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4 Editorial
5 Reflections
6 Featured Countries
18 Division Highlights
22 Volunteer Opportunities

8 Russian Federation:
Challenges and Rewards

There is so much to be done, work that can only be finished by an army of young people.
12 Where in the World is...
This was our first trip to Guyana, and the decreasing size of aircraft did little to allay our apprehension about the journey ahead.
16 What am I Doing?
January 8, 2001 I boarded a plane bound for Asia with only one thought in my mind, "What am I doing?"
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