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Vernon B Parmenter
Donna Rodill
Production Manager/Layout & Design
Jan Erntson
Administrative Secretary
Mark Sique
Systems Database
Joanne Stango
Sr Office Assistant
J John Wycliffe
Office Assistant
Division Coordinators
Hudson E Kibuuka
East-Central Africa Division/ECD
Gabriel E Maurer
Euro-Africa Division/EUD
Michael Kaminsky
Euro-Asia Division/ESD
Faye Reid
Inter-American Division/IAD
Jose Rojas
North American Division/NAD
Stanley Ng
Northern Asia-Pacific Division/NSD
Urias Chagas
South American Division/SAD
Mel Lemke
South Pacific Division/SPD
Julian Hibbert
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division/SID
Rose Christo
Southern Asia Division/SUD
Gary Rustad
Southern Asia-Pacific Division/SSD
Paul Tompkins
Trans-European Division/TED
Gilbert Wari
West-Central Africa Division/WAD
3 Postcard
4 Editorial
5 Reflections
6 Featured Countries
22 Volunteer Opportunities

8 It's Not Easy

Peter Fenoy is living a unique experience, making lasting impressions and hoping to become a better person because of it.
10 God Used Me, I Know He Did
What started out as a thought landed Anne Dubois in the Middle East for ten months.
12 From One Volunteer to Another
Advice from past volunteers.
14 Making a Difference
There are days when Jared Dye wonders what he's doing in Mongolia, but then every volunteer feels that way sometimes.
16 The Light
Who would ever think that a light would brighten a once dark spot of the forest.
18 The Most Wonderful Year of My Life
Carolina Ruocco is grateful that God used her to make a difference in thelives of her students.
20 A Great Little School
Christina Sapiatzer has learned that we need to activiely seek God wherever we are.
21 Patriarch Laid to Rest
The dreamer chief sleeps in the hands of his Lord.
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