Hi There!
It's three months now since I left Sweden, my family and all my friends to come here to Australia and work as a volunteer at Central Coast Community Church (CCCC). It feels like it was yesterday, and still it feels like I've been here for a lifetime. Back in Sweden I was part of a group starting a new church and I came here to learn more about how to do that. CCCC is a very special church, not only because of all the people working there, giving a major part of their life to their ministry, but also because of all the people in the community they're reaching with the gospel. Coming here has been such a great experience for me, learning not only how a healthy leadership can work, but also so many things about myself. Being challenged to do such things as taking the roll as a leader in the church, giving bible studies and working with the youth building up a ministry are things that I might never had done at home. That has taught me more about myself then I could ever imagine.

God has also blessed me with so many beautiful people that are taking care of, helping, teaching and challenging me, people that are leading and mentoring me, and also people who I can help grow. From all the experiences I've had and all the amazing and cool things that are happening here, the very best thing is to see God working in peoples’ lives and building up His body, the church!! I'm sure everyone reading this will agree with me saying “that's the thing you can never get enough of.”

But of course there have been moments that are not happy, too. Coming to a new country and a new culture with no one you really know, trying to figure out why on earth God wanted you to be here, brings out laughter and also many tears of frustration! I guess that's the way God has tried to teach me to lean more on Him than myself. With this new year come many new trials for me. And all of you guys out there giving a couple of months or a year of your life to serve our God, my prayer is that you all will be blessed by that work and that 2005 will be an unforgettable year! When life gets you down and everything seems impossible, see the possibilities that God gives you to grow, and know that there are people praying for you!

All the blessing on you!

By: Johanna Petrovic, volunteered at Central Coast Community Church in Australia.
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