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From One Volunteer to Another

We thought it might be fun to share some pieces of advice that past volunteers have given for current volunteers. There may be something here that helps you right now. Let's see....

By: SPD Volunteers

  • Enjoy being a volunteer - remember why you volunteered often and to do your best - don't compare your job and or wage with others!
  • Get to know as many people as you can as fast as you can.
  • Fully rely on God, let Him lead you.
  • Don't you dare lose your identity. Don't just try to fit into the crowd and be popular. Be open-minded.
  • Do not neglect your own needs eg social, personal and most importantly seek God and lean on Him in everything you do.
  • Just GO!
  • You will have bad times but never give up because those bad times that you have will help you to grow in to a better person.
  • If the going gets tough, get tough and stick with God!!
  • Work hard at learning the language. Travel if you can, in the holidays - it gives you a good break.
  • Go with no expectations.  Because your expectations and reality will never be the same. For both the good and the bad.
  • Ask people where the best places are to buy food and eat what everyone else does. Don't live in the import stores, they are too expensive.
  • Learn the basics of the language before you go if you can.
  • Be prepared to spend a lot of money on phone cards to get family and friends prayers and support.
  • Don't get offended if the people do no meet your expectations (spiritually, financially etc).
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Be prepared to move around a lot, live out of a suitcase.
  • Have fun, meet people.
  • Fit in with the locals and don't think yourself as higher than them.
  • Use free time to learn the language.
  • Try to contact someone from your destination before you leave and start asking questions. And then continue to question.
  • Expect reality to be quite different to what you read in the literature and hear from others! Be flexible.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Enjoy your volunteer term and leave the worry to God.
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