Greetings from Costa Rica

Things are going great here. Its getting a little busy but I'm really enjoying teaching. We're heading towards exams in August so at the moment I'm preparing the final exam for my students. Classes are small so we've become a close bunch. My students always make me laugh-especially when they sing in English!

We just got two visitors from the United States, too. They've come here to study Spanish for a few weeks. As for my Spanish-it’s coming along!! The other day I said "estoy embarasada" which I thought was “embarrassed,” but it turns out to mean “I'm pregnant!” I'm still learning a lot but I've been amazed at how quickly you can learn another language when you have to. The people are so friendly it has made it so much easier to learn. Spanish is one of the best things I like about this country. It really is a beautiful language.

As for life outside of the university, I've been traveling around the country quite a bit. I've seen some beautiful parts of the coast and rainforests. They have a lot of active volcanoes here too, with one of them spewing red lava from the top at night.

The latest news is I'm getting a new roommate from Walla Walla College in the US so that should be fun. Two of the other volunteers are leaving (they're from Mexico).

Right now I'm about to watch a soccer match between Panama and South Africa-the people here are crazy about soccer. Its a way of life. I've been trying to teach them to play Australian footy, but they're not at all interested!

Things are going great here. But time is going very fast, I wish I could stay longer!"

Matthew Monty is teaching English in the Adventist University in Costa Rica and comes from Australia.

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