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My Kitchen

I love my kitchen, I hope you do too. You are welcome to come use it anytime...
By: Edwin Silie


This is my kitchen. It is B E A U T I F U L. It has a big refrigerator and a big microwave. It has enough cabinets for the whole world to put stuff in it. The beautiful white wooden cabinets will be the home to my food. The stove is very good for a missionary; it works very well and will be very well used as I attempt to do what some people call cooking. My kitchen is so big that they have added a washer AND dryer without any problem. These two are humongous in size. My kitchen has very good lighting and, although you can’t see it, there is a medium size window which gives sunlight during the day. I love my kitchen. I hope you do too. You are welcome to come and use it anytime…

Why would I spend time talking to you about my kitchen? What does it have to do with mission work or anything else? Without exaggerating, I spent at least THIRTEEN hours cleaning that kitchen. It took me a couple of days after meetings and other things. Me, myself and I, all by ourselves, fought with that kitchen and everything else that was living in it. At the end, my hands, eyes and head were hurting. My legs felt like they wanted to fall off as my days reached their end. Instead of preparing my yearly school plans and weekly lesson plans, I was fighting with a kitchen. But it was done and my sense of accomplishment was over the top. Here comes the interesting part; I did it with the full knowledge that I was going to be moving out of that apartment in LESS than a month. And perhaps having to do similar work, ALL over again.

Most people wouldn’t do it. Most people would laugh at me for doing it. If I was moving in less than a month, why go through the stress of such work? After I was done cleaning the kitchen, after I was able to sit down and observe the clean cabinets, the clean sink, the white refrigerator (it was another color before!), the microwave, the floor and everything else around it, the first thought that came to my mind was this: This is what my mission year is going to be all about. I am going to struggle, I am going to step on some dirty things, I am going to suffer, get tired, have many sleepless nights, and suffer hunger, disappointments, loneliness, and ups and downs. But at the end, I am going to sit back and see how B E A U T I F U L the end result will be.

After everything is said and done and hopefully more done than said, the beautiful work will be left behind and perhaps, God willing, it will start all over again. Maybe a month later, maybe a year later, maybe 10 years later, maybe here, maybe somewhere else, but wherever and whatever He tells me, that I will DO. I love my kitchen, I hope you do too. You are welcome to come and use it anytime…

By: Edwin Silié, Mathematics Missionary Teacher, Guam Adventist Academy. He is from the Dominican Republic.

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