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Feeding the Hungry

The Chinese people need our support and prayers. There are so many of them who are wilting, dying without hope. They are desperate people, trying to fill that empty space they now feel so deeply.
By George Michaels*

My family and i worked in a mid-sized city of China for two years, having been approved as volunteers. My wife and I worked there in English language schools from 2003 to 2005 as oral English teachers. We enjoyed teaching many lovely and clever Chinese students in several cities. They are very friendly and kind students.

We didn't teach the Bible in our classrooms because it's against the law in China, but we invited many students to come to our apartment to study English, and that was our chance to teach the Bible. Many of them were willing to study. In fact, we had continuous Bible studies every Wednesday and Friday evening and Saturday afternoons after church throughout. Many of the Chinese people are thirsty and hungry for the Truth, the gospel of salvation.

One Sabbath we went to the park for our Sabbath school and Sabbath worship. We sang songs to give praises to God, we read our Bibles and we prayed. After fifteen to twenty minutes, around fifty to one hundred people joined us standing and listening to the Bible study. What a wonderful place to preach the wonderful and miraculous Truth of salvation-even in a Communist country! Yes, it was a very successful Sabbath worship with the Chinese people, and they showed such genuine interest. When one of our school leaders spoke the Word of God, looking into the faces of those hungry and thirsty souls, he was very happy teaching and sharing the Truth that gives eternal life. He was like a waiter who is serving and feeding the hungry people in a restaurant.

After the service, most of the crowd stood up, and applauded us asking about how to continue to study the Bible. (Perhaps needless to say, we didn't witness in the park regularly-it was a bit alarming, the response-what would the police do?) We provided an address of the place to go. Many of them came to our apartments to continue studying the Bible. Many students came day after day and night after night. During one Friday evening program, agents arrived asking us what we were doing. People were afraid what would happen. But because of God's help, they kept silent and stayed with us as we studied the Bible. At the end they said, “Continue doing good and teach good, especially the young people.” Praise the Lord for His mighty power! We continue every week with three groups-the adults continue studying the Bible, while a Chinese leader teaches the young church people and another works with the children.

The church pastor in that one city baptizes many new converts every summer. Now, the membership in this church is strongly growing by the grace of God. In fact, in this small church there are more than one thousand members who are faithfully attending worship services every Sabbath. Many visitors attend too, foreigners as well as Chinese.

China is a great country and there are a great number of needy souls too. The Chinese people need our support and prayers. There are so many - just like grass - wilting, dying without hope. They are desperate people, trying to fill that empty space they now feel so deeply. When their great leader Mao Zedong died, most of them lost hope. They don't know that there is a great God in heaven who is looking after His children here on earth. Who will help bring them in, and guide them in the right direction for life? Is God calling you to be His messenger? Are you willing to go? Will you sacrifice yourself for the sake of Christ? Isaiah answered the Lord, "Here am I Lord, send me." Will you answer like this? He is waiting for you now. Don't delay. Be a missionary for the Lord.

So I'm proud of our God, who called us to be volunteer workers in China. God bless you, and grant you more of His power!

Sincerely yours, an English teacher in China.

*Not his real name.

The number of people who live in China is unfathomable. One billion, three hundred million is beyond our imagination. One may begin to grasp the challenge by considering this simple fact: 8 1/2 million people die in China every year without ever having a chance to hear about Jesus as far as we know.

We're all concerned about the numbers who died on 9/11, but 8 1/2 million is almost the same as the total population of New York City, dying every year! Most have no future, no hope, no chance to ever know the eternal opportunities proffered by heaven!

The Lord led us to begin establishing private English language schools in China which serve as a legal business, providing the means of financial self-support while meeting the felt needs of local people.

As souls have been drawn to us in friendship, we have had the privilege of introducing thousands to the Bible and Jesus. Even Communist Party leaders have joined us and are today helping in the effort!

This is a team effort with our Chinese co-laborers. First we concentrate on helping our students communicate in English. This meets the felt needs of the Chinese college-age students and young business entrepreneurs. We work, we share, we make friends . . .


There is no end to the learning experience. We visit the homes of our new friends, we begin to understand their thinking, we invite them to our apartments for discussion groups. Love, reaching across the cultural divide. Lifetime friends and fellow travelers. Some respond to the gospel invitation and become our fellow laborers. The year quickly passes, and then . . . we hardly want to return home!

The Adventist Volunteer Center is now taking applications for dedicated workers to join these English language schools in China. If English is your native tongue, you can teach it from our easy manuals. The Master sends us many miracles! Maybe He will send you?

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