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  • Begin immunizations early to ensure protection and to avoid receiving injections overseas. All immunizations should be noted in the yellow booklet “International Certificate of Vaccinations” and authenticated by an official stamp. Keep this booklet with your passport, as it will have to be shown at most international borders.
  • Keep booster shots up-to-date for continued protection.
  • Yellow Fever and Cholera immunizations (or letter/stamp of cholera exclusion) are required for entry to certain countries. Travelers without these documents can face problems and delays at points of entry. Note that not all immunizations are required for all regions of assignment.
  • Yellow Fever — This vaccine is required by all persons 9 months of age and older (6 months in high risk areas) if living, traveling or transiting through regions located between latitudes 20 degrees North and South of the equator in Africa and South America. In parts of Asia the certificate is required of all travelers, even those transiting through yellow fever zones. Certificates of Vaccination become valid 10 days after the injection.
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