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AVS Policy requires volunteers be covered by the GC Insurance Plan, including:
  • Accident and Sickness Protection for Volunteers (pre-existing conditions are excluded),
  • Workers’ Compensation,
  • Personal Effects Floater (up to US $3,000 coverage).
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The Accident and Sickness Protection insurance is secondary (excess) insurance, meaning an individual’s personal medical insurance is the first or primary insurance called upon.

The Sending Division arranges insurance coverage, effective the day of departure until the return date. An ID card should be provided to every volunteer listing the insurance office phone number.

The Host Institution usually pays the insurance premiums and deductibles unless indicated otherwise with the financial details on the website.

Benefits are reduced by 50% upon attainment of age 70, and to a flat $10,000 at age 75. Unfortunately there is no insurance cover for those who are 80 years of age or more and as such we are unable to appoint you as a volunteer.


For ANY accident or illness, no matter how minor, the volunteer must see a doctor LOCALLY and have the visit documented, or the insurance carrier can reject the claim.

Do not return home for treatment before first obtaining permission from the insurance carrier. Save all your receipts. To file a claim for an accident or illness, download the ASV Claim Form, or request it from your Host Institution/Division.

  • For claims on lost or damaged personal effects, keep itemized receipts or estimates, with model numbers, and download the PEB Claim Form, or request it from your Host Institution/Division.
Extensions of Insurance (and service) must be requested by the Volunteer and Host Institution.
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