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Just as you would not think of going to visit a new country without a passport, so you must not contemplate going on a mission for God without good preparation. Training (orientation) for a cross cultural experience through the Adventist Volunteer Service is REQUIRED.

Your training should include:

  Living in a different culture ~ culture barriers and conflicts ~ culture shock ~ missed flight connections ~ purse/luggage stolen or lost ~ sudden illness ~ civil/political disorder ~ assault ~ natural disasters ~ safety practices ~ mission goals of the institution ~ appropriate relationships ~ sharing Christ ~ evangelistic tools and techniques

The best orientation is through group training, either on a school campus or through an Institute of World Mission program. If that is not possible, you must complete the Preparation for Mission online course. After you have submitted your application, you will receive instructions concerning this course.

The complete kit includes a book, video and worksheets, although the video is not required. The book is now available in Spanish, Korean, French and Portuguese.

Answer the questions at the end of each chapter and the study guides at the end of each section. Then submit your answers to your division volunteer coordinator. For North American Division volunteers, submit directly to Andrews - Institute of World Missions.

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