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The more you research about your new “home,” the better prepared you will be. Keep the information for reference.

Resources for your study
The closest library – our Country Info page – the Internet – or Culturegrams by Brigham Young University,

Check out encyclopedias and almanacs, materials devoted to specific countries, magazines such as National Geographic. For Adventist reference materials consult the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia, the Yearbook, or the Department of World Mission, SDA Theological Seminary.

The population
Size of population?
Demographics? ___% under 18 yrs; ___% of women; ___% in urban areas
Languages spoken?
Obvious people groups?
General education level? for men _____ for women _____
National holidays?
Major festivals?

How are the social groups of society organized?
What are appropriate relations between sexes?
What is the position of women?

List transportation methods

Health and living conditions
What are major health risks in the country?
What about the quality of medical services and hospitals?
What is commonly eaten? And when?
What are eating and drinking precautions?
What inoculations are required or recommended?

History of the country
Who are their traditional friends? Their traditional enemies?
Was this a colony? Of whom?
Date and circumstances of independence
Involvement in recent or current conflicts and/or resolution?

Common customs
Forms of greetings and farewell
Gestures to avoid
Special customs
Serious “no-no’s” or taboos

Common expressions in local language to know upon arrival
Good bye
Thank you
My name is...
How do you say...?
Where is the toilet?
How do I get to...?
How are you?

What are the local religions?
How do the people worship and why?

The history of Christianity in this country
When was it introduced and by whom?
What Christian churches here are successful and why?
What is the history of the Adventist Church in this country?
Who has generally accepted it and why?

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